Let’s Talk Labels…

When it comes to purchasing labels, many questions come to mind:

What size and label material do I use?

Will it work well and last long in the intended environment?

Based on the quantity I need, what is the best price point?

How and where do I find a label manufacturer best suited for my specific needs?

Since 1967, the Patco name has helped organizations and businesses from all types of industries find the answer to these questions and determine the best label manufacturing options available. Unlike a single label manufacturer that is limited to what it can offer, Patco Custom Labels represents a unique and diverse collection of label producers. Each possesses its own unique production capabilities and cater to distinct niches. This enables us to match each customer’s specific needs with the manufacturer best equipped for production.  Just as customer needs differ, so do the strengths of label manufacturers.   

  • Need a large quantity of 25,000 or 50,000 labels?
    • We have manufacturers best suited for long runs.
  • Need a small run of 100 to 500 labels?
    • We have producers that specialize in lower quantities.   
  • What if you need labels made in a tight window of 2 to 3 days?
    • Check!
  • Have a UL requirement with highly specialized material specifications and requirements?
    • Got it covered!

So why limit yourself to one manufacturer?  Contact us and experience the peace of mind knowing that you have been presented with the best options suited to your specific needs.