Label Broker

What is a Label Broker?

Most people are familiar with the “broker” concept, especially in the insurance and financial services industries. Today technology is facilitating the brokering concept in hotel and travel websites like,, and among countless others.

It’s true the sites mentioned above are about saving money; however, savings can also be realized through less time evaluating new technologies, sourcing specific solutions, keeping production on track, ensuring timely delivery. As “Label Brokers,” Patco Custom Labels acts as a liaison between customers and wholesale label printers. A “label printing manger,” more appropriately, is responsible for getting high quality label jobs printed efficiently and delivered timely.

Would it be cheaper to buy direct?

Sometimes purchasing directly from a wholesale label printer is more cost effective, particularly if cost per label is the only measurement. However, this does not consider the time spent researching innovations to reduce operational costs or deliver more value, validating wholesale label printers’ capabilities, or sifting through the maze of options to consider.

Label brokers specialize in coordinating sophisticated projects that require specialized label printing equipment, have critical delivery dates, or utilize multiple vendors to get the job done. This takes time and it is where a specialist delivers the most value.

Retail label printers include a “cost of sale” component in their pricing for internal or external commissions, meaning the per unit price will be the same. Regardless of retail or wholesale, a knowledgeable representative must attend to the details of the project and that comes at a cost. Patco Custom Labels provides double the benefit by freeing up time for customers to focus on their business and by finding the lowest or nearly lowest per label price possible.

Doesn’t a Label Broker just find the lowest cost?

Sometimes a label broker will invoke a competitive bid process to reduce the overall cost to the customer. However, it is more likely a good label broker will have partner resources with impeccable track records delivering what is important to the Label Broker’s customer need at competitive prices. Patco Custom Labels works with label printers that have quick turnaround times, reliable delivery dates, specialized equipment, and other attributes that give customers confidence when placing orders.

Is there a Label Printer that can do it all?

Label printing equipment is expensive making a one-source printer rare. If one is found consider the adage: “Three things customers want; Lowest Price, Great Service, and Timely Delivery… now pick two.” Patco Custom Labels works hard at finding the source that delivers all three.